NEW FOR 2022!

Five Piece Wireless CRMX DMX Triggered LED controller

If you are looking for a simple setup or you need an advanced one, this controller is for you.

If you are just looking for a basic setup with no other equipment, the Five Piece is for you. The built in Bluetooth radio allows you to link to an iPad and run any lighting software that supports CRMX over Bluetooth.

Current supported apps:



Most settings can be controlled right from the iPad. For access to more advanced settings for basic users, a serial port is used to connect to any computer or device with a serial port.

Our latest and most advanced wireless design yet!

Based on the Lumen Radio TimoTwo CRMX wireless  module. The FivePiece controller can be operated as a wireless CRMX receiver or can be switched into a wireless CRMX transmitter via the LumenRadio CRMX app.

In Transmitter mode other CRMX wireless fixtures can be linked to the FivePiece controller and then utilizing the built in Bluetooth radio, an iPad could be used to run DMX lighting software to control all linked devices. A good example of this would be a marching band that has BrightBeats WMobile wireless controllers on each drum linked back to a FivePiece controller at the control area. The Lighting operator could then use their iPad device to control all mobile performers as individual DMX fixtures.

Full RDM control!

No more getting up and going to the device to change the DMX address or any control settings. The FivePiece controller is fully RDM compliant and supports many RDM commands. Channel settings, trigger sensitivity, hold, fade and much more are all available through RDM software commands. DMX Workshop which is a free app available from Artistic License, can be used to control and change RDM settings for both the embedded TimoTwo module and the FivePiece controller.

Full radio and system status LED’s makes trouble shooting easy

A quick glance at the LED panel lets you know right away what’s happening with the radio.

LED’s for wireless signal strength, RDM/DMX  data and status are helpful for quick diagnostics. Other indicators like Universe color are displayed to show the custom universe color which is set in the TimoTwo module when in transmitter mode.

 Five powerful channels for most drum set needs


With five 12 volt RGB outputs with up to 4.5 amps each the FivePiece has plenty of power for your lighting needs. With total continuous output power of up to 250 watts you can power just about any lighting situation. Each output is protected by a PTC fuse for overload and shorts and also has surge protection on every pin. Connectors are standard Molex MiniFit and are both durable and readily available.

With a standard 12 volt DC input the FivePiece can also go mobile and utilize battery power if needed.

Standard trigger inputs allow many options

The FivePiece has 5 individual drum trigger inputs. The first two jacks utilize Tip-Ring-Sleeve jacks and a stereo to mono splitter cable will need to be utilized to separate them. Any standard drum trigger can be used and even other signal sources/types. The inputs can accept music or various other signals as long as they don’t go over about 10 volts AC. Setting the trigger sensitivity in the FivePiece software will allow you to determine just when to fire the LED’s. All inputs also have surge protection included.

Rugged design built to last!

Designed and built right here in the USA with time tested materials like anodized aluminum cases that have been proven on many tours, you can trust our products will get your through the show. Even our circuit boards use high quality parts and if the need ever arises, we are here to help.

Kit with power supply

Included in the box is the FivePiece controller, 12volt power brick with IEC input connector and a 120v US based power cable


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