Opto Isolated tachometer interface for DLE Engines V2


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Since we love model airplanes too we made this as a side project, This is an opto isolated tach interface for DLE engines to directly connect to a telemetry input on a Spektrum telemetry module. It is fully isolated so there is no risk of any kind of voltage getting back to your radio. This could be adapted to any engine so we provided full specs below.

This is an updated model for 2024. DIP switches have been added to make this compatible with more ignitions and telemetry modules.

SW1: Ignition input pulse polarity. ON=Positive pulse from ignition on fire.  OFF=Negative pulse on fire. (output is held high then pulsed to 0V)

SW2: Telemetry module output pull up.  ON=Connect 10k ohm resistor from Telemetry +V to Telemetry output. OFF=Pull up disabled.

Tech Note: The Spektrum AR10100T telemetry module will require SW2 to be in the ON position as will most other models. If the blue LED is pulsing properly but there is no RPM data shown on the transmitter then you need to turn on SW2.

Tech Data:

Input Voltage range: 3.5V-12V Max. Absolute max input voltage 14V.

Current Draw when LED is ON: 25ma

Input Connector(J1): Brown: GND, Orange: +V Ignition, Yellow: Ignition pulse.

Output Connector(J2/J3): Pin1: +V from Telemetry module, Pin2: Ground, Pin3: RPM pulse.

Output specs and ratings:


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